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This Week In Social Justice 24/01/16

Man Gets 2 Years Jail Time
for White Knighting

Jonathan Dalton, a 27 year old council planning officer, is going to jail for to 2 years after punching a 69 year old pensioner so hard that the man lost 60% of the vision in his right eye. The pensioner, Charles Bonello, was taking the train home and having a conversation with a fellow passenger wherein he opined that women tennis players were overpaid. An unnamed female passenger overheard this, came over and said “I’m a woman, what’s your point?” She then nodded to Dalton, her boyfriend, who came over and smashed the man in the face.

This is some incredibly stupid bullshit right here. This guy had a good job and now has completely fucked up his life just because his girlfriend was offended over some perceived misogyny. This is why you hear people talking about Social Justice Warriors in a pejorative fashion. It’s this bullshit narrative that you are somehow oppressed, morally superior, and simultaneously engage in these vicious tactics. It might not always manifest in violence, but if it’s not that then it’s public shaming, trying to get people fired, trying to get them fined, trying to get them expelled, essentially trying to ruin people’s lives all in the name of progress.

Well, I hope you’re happy, Jonathan. Word on the street is you sobbed like a little bitch when the judge delivered the verdict. Meanwhile you’re girlfriend not only gets off scot-free but doesn’t even get named in the press. That’s a job well done, isn’t it, you self righteous twat?


Man ordered to tell police if he plans to have sex

Because Jim made a better joke about this story than anything I could come up with. This is a man who was acquitted of all charges. This is a very strange story. Maybe if the details of the case were made public, just maybe, I could get on board with this, but in the absence of any context this is literally just punitive measures against a man that isn’t guilty of anything.  I mean they are actually explaining like this as being like Minority Report, in a non “holy shit this is like Minority Report” kind of way.

You don’t have to tell me that judges love to put punitive orders in place just because they don’t like the cut of your jib. The judge in my last family court date, which was to determine if I could have my daughter for weekend visits, ordered that I was not to smoke tobacco for 24 hours prior to any visits with her. Just to be clear, we aren’t talking about in my apartment, which I never did in the first place, we are talking about no smoking, full stop. When I told him I didn’t understand the order his response was “think on it”. I shit you not.



nigger: The Strange Career of a Troublesome WordSo some girls who were already wearing lettered shirts decided to take the opportunity to assemble them into a naughty word for the sake of humor. Particularly funny because two asterisks are used, leaving the person viewing the photo to fill in the blanks. ‘Tis a joke as old as time. South Park does this kind of thing regularly, and nobody loses their shit.

Because context matters, right? And a word with no context therefore can’t really have meaning. It certainly can’t have an agenda. And we all have been children at some point so we all understand the lure of the taboo, of the forbidden, right? I mean it’s not like the guy who wrote this book is racist, is he? That would be stupid, right? Right?

Wrong! You ignorant shitlord! This is the forbidden word. That’s why it’s not good enough that these kids were suspended for five days. It’s our duty as Social Justice Warriors to seek true justice, otherwise they will go out in the world and start KKK lynch mobs. And don’t you worry about South Park, punching up is hard, that’s why fuck these kids. Fuck them so hard, man.

Who cares if they are minors? They should all be doxxed and have their names tweeted out, like this guy did to his 35 thousand followers:


Doxing minors

They should be expelled:

I'm pushing for expulsions! they got a 5 day suspension and get to walk

They must never be allowed to attend college:

Criminal charges should be considered:

Expel them and consider criminal charges

Good news everyone, they are losing scholarships, keep it up!

This is so disgusting to me. This is what an actual hate mob looks like, everyone. Targeting children. All in the name of morality. All in the name of righteousness. All in the name of tolerance. What a joke. This is a new low, even for the social justice crowd.

Rabid Feminism


That last story gets my blood boiling so I wanted to end on a lighter note. Leave it up to good old feminists do some shit so hilariously stupid you can’t help but laugh. Apparently one of the example phrases for the word ‘rabid’ in Oxford Dictionary includes the term ‘rabid feminist’ so you can imagine the butthurt that ensued when this got noticed by Twatter Twitter.

The best moment came when @OxfordWords delivered this napalm quality burn,  in response to many people pointing out that ‘rabid’ was inherently negative, which I believe went over the heads of most people following the thread:

Get it? Because if feminists didn’t go around acting batshit all the time people wouldn’t keep writing real world sentences that cast them in a negative light so often. Sadly it seems like the dictionary is kowtowing, although I can’t say I’m surprised. What they are going to realize of course is that this will merely open the flood gates and they are going to be dealing with complaints from emboldened fembots for the next 5 years until every single reference that involves a female being associated with a negative term will be purged, so have fun with that, Oxford Dictionaries.


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