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Facebook & Unpopular Dissent – The Cognitive Dissonance of Confronting the Confirmation Bias

This post is an open letter to all of my Facebook friends. Some of you have probably noticed this little blog of mine, what with all the spamming of it that I do in your feed and whatnot. Some of you have even messaged me to offer me some encouragement or casual approval. A couple of you have also confronted me directly with comments, and I hope you know that doing so only makes me respect you more. A few of you are gone now, around 6 or 7 by my figuring, thoroughly unimpressed with some of the controversial thoughts and frustrations floating around in my head.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Indeed I struggled with the decision to share my writing with you, or to keep this my little secret, just another angry white man throwing his screeds into the void, turbulent waves to be caught only by the occasional random and unwitting surfer, lured in by my tantalizingly keyword rich article titles (greetings, citizen).

Ultimately, as you have no doubt already deciphered,  I reached the conclusion that if someone would be willing to delete me from their lives just for sharing how I feel, then those people probably didn’t have my back so much to begin with. Cavaliere attitudes are fine and dandy in theory, but in practice the feels can be real, no matter how thick skinned we might like to fancy ourselves.

Facebook is a funny platform. I remember back in fall of 2014, reading the results of a PEW research study which spoke of the ‘spiral of silence‘ on Facebook. Essentially people are less willing to discuss controversial issues over social media, and that this is particularly true if our views are deemed to be out of step with our friends. Which I’m sure is just common sense to most people at this point.

It has been barely 10 years since Facebook became the most popular way for us to connect. Ten years of one of the craziest global experiments mankind has ever undertaken. We are only just beginning to understand what type of effect this is having on our psyche. The innovation of loneliness. Outrage culture. Approval whoring. These cultural phenomena, constantly in flux, constantly emerging, fascinate me to no end. I have been watching it for sometime, and I am happy to say that I have compiled the ultimate venn diagram of Facebook personalities, literally nobody on the network has been left out from my painstaking analysys:


Don’t say I never gave you anything, internet. I’m in the blue circle, obviously. But seriously tho, I am a lonely man, living in a modern age. An age where I have hundreds of friends and yet I must content myself to know most of you by the things you choose to share. Funny videos, memes and news articles, for the most part. Once in a while you indulge me with a photo or a status update. Can you blame me for my emptiness? For my contempt? I know you are more than that. I know that you observe decorum because that’s what we’ve allowed ourselves to become. Perfect mannequins trying to broadcast a perfect image onto a sterile web. All us together, bowing at the altar of harmonious groupthink that is Facebook. Everything cohesive. All opinions copacetic.

Have it your way then. I’m not here to bring the drama or piss in your cornflakes. I’m here to challenge thoughts, ideologies and behaviors that strike me as misguided. I won’t be correct a lot of the time, and my views on any given topic will probably change from day to day, as views are wont to do. But I’m going to keep writing because if nothing else it is a mental workout. Some of you should try it sometime. All that being said, I’m not going to be sharing my blog posts on my personal feed anymore. I don’t want anymore of you to label me a racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic pig, which I’m mostly not, or a pompous asshole, which I mostly am. Thank you for putting up with me as long as you have.

For those of you that enjoy or at least have some minor interest in my quest to deconstruct modern society, there is this lovely page you can like, hell even if you just wanna show some support, toss a like my way. Seriously guys, like my page, it’s hard out here for a bitch. And if not well, fuck you. I can live my own life in my own way if I want to. Fuck off. Don’t come following me.


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