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This Week In Social Justice 10/01/16

New Year’s in Cologne


New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany saw an incident of mass sexual assault that seems unprecedented in the modern history of western European nations. As information emerges on this every day, it is becoming more and more evident that these were  coordinated and planned attacks, giving rise to public protests.

So what do these attacks mean when viewed through the lens of the regressive left? Well, for those paying attention it seems to be that the fear of appearing racist trumps the outrage of shining a light on what an actual rape culture looks like. Surely feminists primary concern would be preventing public policy that might be shown to directly lead to the increased assault and rape of women, right? Right?

racist-outrageOh Clem, you’re incorrigible.

This attitude of treating minorities as a protected class where criticism is not permissible due to the taboo stamp of racism is not only intellectually squeamish but demonstrably damaging to women and children, as seen clearly and irrefutably in the Rotherham scandal. When you choose to stand with people like Clementine Ford and Laurie Penny, what you are really saying is “It’s better that women and children be raped and molested than to shine a light on these horrendous acts being committed by any non white men, because doing so might lead to hate crimes.” The ultimate irony being that even those minority communities don’t stand with you in your willful ignorance.

Members of the British-Pakistani community condemned both the sexual abuse and the fact that it had been covered up for fear of “giving oxygen” to racism.

How dark is the heart of the neo-progressive, truly? One can only wonder. If I didn’t know better, I would almost think some of these feminists are in favor of this mass importing of rape culture since it can ultimately only serve to further their agenda, by which I mean their true agenda of lining their own pockets by being professional feminists. It’s as if there’s a kind of twisted logic that overcoming your own repulsion at ideas like rape or drumming up sympathy for paedophilia shows just how progressively tolerant you are.


Dangerous Faggot™ and conservative heartthrob had his verification badge taken away for reasons which remain unclear. One of the results of this action was the immediate trending of hashtag #JeSuisMilo wherein hundreds if not thousands of twitter users changed their names and profile pictures to match those of Yiannopoulos in a comical show of shitposting solidarity.


It’s kind of funny to me, to see the SJW’s celebrating this as some kind of victory. And I don’t mean because it’s completely petty, or because it has only boosted Milo’s exposure in ways that couldn’t have gone better if he’d planned it himself. No, I’m referring to typical progressive hypocrisy that an elitist concept like the verification badge is totally fine, so long as the elitism can be shown to favor those of the ‘correct’ political leanings.

cypwcspuaaap3a2Personally, I hate the concept of twitter verification, as should anyone who actually believes in concepts like equality. Verification isn’t about saying ‘this person is real’ but rather ‘this person is worthy, this person is elite, this person has a voice that is more legitimate than someone without the badge’. The fact that Twitter could remove the badge as a form of punishment is tacit admission of this on the part of Twitter, a company that seems to love shooting itself in the foot as of late.

Twitter has come under fire for this seemingly arbitrary action. From allegations of stifling free speech, using the verification badge as an extortion scheme to enabling terrorism, it really does seem like Twitter might be in the midst of it’s proverbial swan song.

Canadian Prof Yanked From Teaching Intro Psych Class For Insisting on Foul Language

Professor Michael Persinger has been removed from his position at Laurentian University for asking students to sign a waiver agreeing to tolerate vulgar language, a practice he has engaged in for over 10 years. No one seems to know what suddenly changed to cause the non legally binding waiver to become a problem worthy of termination. There appears to be more to the story than is currently being reported.

christmasStory_soapIt is a topic that strikes me as timely as I have been thinking a lot lately about the empowerment of resilience to vulgar language. It’s such an interesting topic to me that I won’t go into great detail here as I plan to write a full and detailed post on the subject in the near future, but suffice it to say that there is value in learning to absorb offensive speech without falling into an emotional state, something that would leave one open to being easily frustrated or manipulated.

But good luck explaining that to a sanctimonious twat muffin like Judith Taylor, a professor of women’s studies at University of Toronto who argues that exposing students to words like ‘pussy’ or ‘fag’ creates what she calls a toxic classroom which no student should be asked to consent to. She includes nothing in her wall of text to support the argument that using profanity as a teaching device is inherently toxic or that it creates unequal footing for students by singling some out as targets.

How someone could make such assertions without having any familiarity with the actual teaching environment in question is beyond me, but it does reinforce my own long held belief, that people who are involved in the academic farce known as women’s studies are significantly better at making claims than supporting them.

#WasteHisTime2016 RIP in Peace


The hashtag #WasteHisTime2016 has been trending on twitter, which is just your typical twitter hijynx, but I saw something funny on my facebook feed just now that was too good not to include here. There’s a page I follow called I acknowledge rape-culture exists which posted a story about a man who murdered a girl after she was inspired to waste his time by the twitter hashtag. This was posted along with the caption “Male violence and entitlement at its worst. RIP.” The funny part, the story is clearly a piece of satire featuring such obvious giveaway lines as “I think Fabian did us a favor by eliminating that girl from the earth” said Judge John Hicks.



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