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This Week in Social Justice 03/01/16


A twitter shitstorm fired up last night over a group of crackers with guns that have occupied a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon. Noble human rights activists on twitter have been quick to lament the fact that these men have been permitted to continue breathing, almost an entire 24 hours into the situation, a blatant hypocrisy that the police would not suffer to continue, if these men were brothers. Suffice it to say, the term white privilege has been used once or twice.

So is there a basis to these accusations? Well, time will likely tell. One thing I’ll point out is that it’s not really fair to expect either the media or the police to dissect a situation like this with immediate action. You see, unlike dipshits on twitter, the police and the media need to actually figure out what they are dealing with. This is especially true in a volatile situation where lives may be at stake, but violence and property damage has yet to actually occur. It seems like there is very little to gain from jumping to conclusions or rushing to swift and violent action.


Part of the irony here is that one of the main impetuses for the action taken by the men in Oregon is to protest the imprisonment of two (white) men under anti terrorist laws. The other is grazing rights or sumshit. So on the one hand you have people protesting a couple white dudes being put in jail under anti-terrorism laws and on the other a bunch of ‘liberals’ bemoaning the fact that these men aren’t being sent to the morgue for terrorism.
The BC RCMP respects the rights of individuals to peacefully protest. To Clarify, the BC RCMP has no intention of ‘taking down the camp’ set up by the Unist’ot’en. We value the Wet’suwet’en culture, the connection to the land and traditions being taught and passed on at the camp, and the importance of the camp to healing.

So, is there any credence to this notion, that our white supremacist society would not suffer this situation to stretch out for an entire almost 24 hours if people of color were involved?  Well, perhaps we should look to the North and consider the case of the Unist’ot’en camp. The what now, you say? Come on, you must know, since according to SJW’s on twitter, the media can’t get enough of any non-white protest.

The camp has existed for going on three years now, in spite of pressure from oil companies like Shell and others, along with multiple claims that Canada’s new anti-terror laws may be used against them. While there’s no telling what the future holds, the current conclusion can safely be reached: SJW’s on twitter are retarded.

But hold up, lp! Don’t you think these Oregon guys are dangerous nutjobs?

Ya maybe, hell probably. But the point here is that if I have to choose between letting a bunch of nutjobs camp out on a wilderness reserve, or advocating for a Waco style slaughter, I’m going to choose for the non violent approach.


12 Reasons Why There’s Orgasm Inequity (And No, It’s Not That Women Are ‘Harder to Please’)

Yes, everydayfeminism, yes it fucking is (because women are ‘harder to please’).


Oregon State University will hold four racially-exclusive “Social Justice Retreats”

Oregon State University will hold four racially-exclusive “Social Justice Retreats” focusing on “white privilege,” “microaggressions,” and “institutional racism” in the first month of 2016 alone. I can’t even.


One part of the Raical Akido video features a virgin stating “The Racial Akido is a really great experience for people especially if you’ve ever felt ostracised on campus.” Oh, by the way: white people not allowed. But fear not, Whitey, because while the marginalized students will be learning how to respond to your racism and oppression, there is a retreat exclusively for white (self identifying) students that will teach them how to deal with their internalized racism and learn about their White Privilege.

What in the fuck? I mean what in the actual fuck? Judy what do you want to say to University of Oregon?


Finally, a quick note on my use of the judge Judy meme. It was inspired by this recent post by Clementine Ford. Clementine overheard someone use the word ‘faggot’ in a private conversation in a mall and decided to, in typical Ford fashion, take a picture of the guy and post it on Facebook so people could, you know, get him fired so he couldn’t feed his kids or whatever these people are into. Clem and her rabid followers over and over refer to the term as blatant ‘hate speech’ which is fucking hilarious coming from someone who has hundreds of thousands of followers and spews daily actual hate speech.

I mean this is a woman that actually has a podcast called ‘The Misandry Hour’ (An hour long podcast that she collects $1,500 per month for on a patreon that she launched in Sept of 2015 and has produced 2 whole fucking episodes, but I digress) and when she does a Facebook post about the ‘hateful bigot’ she overheard use the word faggot, she has throngs of Facebook followers commenting about what a brave woman she is for confronting it. These people are mentally fucking retarded. These people are the reason I started this blog.

Here’s a tip, if you see or overhear something and you think it might be hate speech, before you start a social media lynch mob, try asking the person what they believe. Because, and here’s the part that’s really going to blow your mind, some people use terms that you might find offensive, but that don’t necessarily explicitly mean what you think they mean. In other words, just because I chose to generously pepper today’s post with a meme that uses the term ‘faggot’ in honor of dumbass Clem Ford, doesn’t mean that I’m actually homophobic. Judy, do you have anything to say to Clementine Ford?


Ok I got it out of my system, promise.


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