It’s no secret that feminism is big money. We’ve already covered in a previous article how companies like GoldieBlox have made millions of dollars by pandering mediocre quality products to self righteous putzes.

I’m working on an article trying to give a picture of just how much of an industrial complex feminism really is. This isn’t that article, but in my research I have been following various feminist organizations and websites and doing what I can with my limited resources to analyze their business models.

Part of this research included following a bunch of pages on facebook and I have to admit that even my cynical ass was fairly shocked to realize that one of the most successful feminist pages on facebook is just utterly cringe worthy click baiting bullshit. That’s what this article is about.

The page in question is called Women’s Rights News and at the time of this writing has a whopping¬†1,047,104 followers. Two things about this page stood out to me right away. The first was the frequency of the posting, which is about one post every 10 mins, consistently. The second was the fact that almost every single post seemed to be hosted on the same website,

Apart from the obvious feminist theme, VIRALWOMEN.COM is your typical clickbait website. Everything is set up for maximum traffic. Listicles are presented on a multiple page format. Want to see five male super heroes given the objectification treatment? Get ready to click through 6 pages. This is for maximum ad impressions, of course.

Another thing I noticed is that a lot of the “stories” were already familiar to me. I had heard them before. I don’t mean similar stories, I mean the exact same stories. This site is really just all over again. None of their content is original. They don’t write articles. They don’t produce any content. They just scrape other people’s content. I can almost guarantee they don’t pay for any of it, either. Look at that superhero article up there again. The first godamn pick is from someone’s deviant art. Shameless.

On top of all that you can also buy overpriced, sweatshop manufactured t-shirts and shit through their cafe press.


I tried to look up their, but of course it’s private registration. That’s not particularly telling, most domains are registered privately, but one thing that did stand out is their host and registrar is godaddy. Yes, that godaddy. The one that has been panned over and over for sexism. Sexism and killing elephants.

Trigger Warning: I now have a boner while typing.

Since the registration is private and we can’t know who owns, what can we know? Well we can know that the site gets ruffly 82,562 visitors per day and earns approximately $128,074 USD per year. We can also know that it’s hosted at, along with these other sites:,¬†,,,,, and my personal favorite: The feed cricket facebook page also have over a million followers! All of those pages use the same template (except the hosting one). Talk about lazy cookie cutter bullshit.

But I’m not done yet, dig deep, internet sleuths, really deep, and you can eventually find this ugly mug:


“I love the smell of feminist traffic in the morning”

Meet Mark Pfeffer, CEO of BUTTERFLY MEDIA, a company that does social advertising on facebook, with over 11,000 facebook fan page partners, reaching 350 million users.

Women’s Rights News is categorized as a “Cause” on facebook. And that is probably accurate, as long as we accept that the real cause is making a shit tone of money for butterfly media and their rapey-face CEO. So go on all you SJW’s, keep clicking away on those funny comic book characters. You’re really helping to save the world.



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