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An Ode To The Shame Happy Cunts Ruining Online Dating

The fact that online dating is fucking bullshit, even for men – perhaps especially for men, is not exactly a revolutionary idea. But have you guys noticed things have gotten even worse over the last few years, since apps like Tinder came on the scene? I have, and I have a theory as to why…

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a tumblr making fun of online dating profiles. I believe it was called ‘Fedoras of OK Cupid’ or something along those lines. My first thought was “haha, omg, look at these absolute assholes. What losers. Why do they even try? Pathetic.” My second thought was wait a sec, nobody wants to be alone and online dating is an activity that already has unfair stigmas attached to it, isn’t it kind of mean to publicly shame people that are just looking for love, even if they make it so easy?


Apparently I’m in the minority for thinking this because over the years trolling and shaming people for their online dating profiles or behaviors has become one of America’s favorite pastimes, a veritable cottage industry. The proliferation of websites, tumblrs, facebook groups ect, dedicated to mocking people who are dating online is something that has gone largely uncommented on, and that’s what I’m here for. Let’s take a look at some of these smug assholes and think a bit about the psychology of someone who thinks this is appropriate behavior.

Before we dig in I want to spend a note talking about Tinder.  Tinder was suppose to be the great answer to online dating being a huge fucking waste of time. You see in the olden days a guy would have to scroll through profiles and send messages to girls that he was interested in. All conventional wisdom encouraged you to send a thoughtful and unique message, and many, many women went so far as to complain directly on their profiles about guys sending messages that simply read “hi” or “what’s up”. The reason guys like to send simple messages is because they don’t know if you are going to respond and actually it is pretty annoying to spend an evening crafting unique and personalized messages to a bunch of women that aren’t going to answer anyway because they don’t like your picture. Tinder was meant to fix all that by making the interest of both parties known before starting the conversation. This looks awesome on paper, but in reality, and I speak as someone who’s used Tinder, many girls still will not respond to a message. New app, same old bullshit.

So what are the different kinds of ways that assholes try to boost web traffic and get props by shaming the lonely? Well let’s take a look at some examples…


Tinder is all about the pics, so it gives you only the space to write basically a tweet to go along with that. Our man Ian here has gone with the humor route. Somehow the curator of As Seen On Tinder thought this was bad enough to share and mock, and even stranger, somehow her fan base agrees with her, as this got over 30 comments and even a couple shares. Comments include “Speechless”, “Ew” and “Fuck you Ian”. This is one of the problems with feminists. They literally have no concept of humor whatsoever. Even if you don’t think something is funny, you should recognize it as an attempt as such. But because feminists fervently believe that all males are predators looking for their next rape victim, they take this profile completely at face value. You people are so fucking stupid it hurts my heart.


OMFG he called me ‘babe’. Not only is that unacceptable but I’m going to screenshot it and post it online so me and my friends can all make fun of this misogynist pig!


Really, the guy is the one we’re mocking here? I bet she’s a blast at parties, also, I have a hunch your head to waist ratio isn’t what he was getting at.


And so on and so forth. Those are all from one group, As Seen On Tinder, which describes itself as “Feminist As Hell”, which I assume is very feminist. They love to call guys who they deem overly forward as ‘fuckboys‘ (which isn’t even how that term was meant to be used), these the same people that will lose their shit if you slut shame a woman. What a bunch of cunts.  And there are hundreds of groups like this out there, hundreds….

from :



Ok sure, that’s kind of funny, as long as I don’t think about the fact that the only reason your on tinder is to fuck with dudes heads so you can post it online for everyone to laugh, then it becomes a bit less funny, still you’re way ahead of the feminists in sense of humor so that’s something at least.

Some of these “social experiments” strive to prove how no matter how badly a woman acts, the guy will keep trying, especially when she’s attractive. What pathetic and desperate losers these guys must be to not walk away from an attractive woman that’s actually talking to them…

From :


A lot of these shamers focus on guys who turn hostile when ignored or rejected. Am I really the only one who can appreciate the self-cancelling dichotomy of people who are intentionally ignoring you to provoke you to turn you hostile? Am I? Am I the only one that thinks you are just as much of an asshole? Your here under false pretenses and you’re literally hoping I’ll get mad so you can shame me for it and get web traffic. Your a cunt. A sick cunt.

From ByeFilpe:

From instagrannypants


Yes, granted, this is an exceptional specimen, but you’ve taken the time to screenshot it, grab quotes, photoshop it all together, and then tweet it out, so all your friends can make comments like “wtf is that, and how is he allowed to live”. Nothing cunty about that.

From tindernightmares

Ho Ho Ho

A photo posted by Unspirational (@tindernightmares) on

Slow day for misogyny. At least these guys have the basic human decency to block out the photos. And apparently they are publishing a book. Remember what I said about cottage industry?

From onlinedatingispatriarchy


From rubiphears

And on and on and on it keeps going. I could list a hundred more collections like this and not have run out, I have no doubt. Ok, men are crass and shitty. I get it. We get it, we all get it. But all you people trying to “expose” this so you can get likes and shares on your tumber, you’re poising the well just as bad! Time to stop pretending like you have a moral high ground or like you are making any legitimate effort to get real dates on these sites.  You’re the other side of the same coin. This is why online dating is a total waste of time, an absolute shit show.

Keep it up and soon the only people on these dating apps will be trolls that troll each other trying to prove who is the trollingest.




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