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This Week In Feminism 06/12/2015

Of note: Today, Dec 6., marks the Canadian National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. This day marks the anniversary of the 1989 École Polytechnique Massacre in which 14 women were murdered because they were women. What better way to mark a day of action than to partake in some casual inactivism and #TakeThePledge to receive a newsletter. Right, that’s a job well done. Serious business out of the way let’s get back to our regular scheduled broadcast…

 Feminists finally take on male role model Jack The Ripper

Jack the ripper is blowing up headlines this week as feminists decry his museum and his panto. But watch the video, seriously it’s only like 90 seconds. What does it say about me that I just find this whole thing funny?

“It’s making light of violence against women and we seem to be going through a bit of a Jack the Ripper obsession at the moment. It’s important to take a feminist stand against it.”

If you would like to take a feminist stand against it, you can sign the petition, because remember, it’s not enough to be morally outraged and to choose to not participate in something that offends you, you need to make sure nobody else can participate in it as well, because it’s your job as a good feminist to exert your moral authority via acts of censorship.

A London-based jewellery designer has created a collection of jewellery inspired by period blood.


Because when I look at that picture the first thing that comes to mind is, that would look dope on a chain around my neck.

“Drug stores are oversaturated with products to manage periods, all playing up to the idea that periods are dirty and something wrong with the body, something to hide.”

First off, oversaturated is not a word. That’s not a thing. Secondly, what is the answer exactly? To go around bleeding open and freely everywhere? And then we should get drug stores to stop carrying toilet paper, because it shames the female body. And we can all go around covered in our own shit and piss because #ShamelessAmerica.

This is clearly another case of pandering. This woman wants you to buy her jewelry because you want to make a feminist statement so badly you’re willing to overlook the fact that her jewelry is fugly and oversaturated with numbers in the price tag.

Yet another #GamerGate censorship story


Idea Factory International added their voice to the #DOAX3 debate by telling the world that they have also chosen to stop releasing certain games in the west do to our local gender politics.

 No more male feminists!!


In an act typical of feminist love of inclusion and equality, writer Phoenix Calida [sic] has announced that men should no longer be welcomed within the movement or allowed to apply the label of feminist to themselves.

“Can we all come to an agreement? No more male feminists. Ever. Men– stop calling yourselves feminists, and stop telling women how to do feminism. Stop acting like this movement needs you or your guidance.”

One mangina commenter had the following response:

“I’m a man who has called, does call myself a feminist. But obviously I am, obviously I HAVE to be – open to if that’s wrong to do.”

Obviously. Don’t fret too much, Mangina. When the feminists have reached a consensus on what you should think, I’m sure they’ll let you know.

Feminist artist launches silk scarves made from images of her own vagina


Yup, a veritable two-fer in feminist fashion this week as aspiring panderist Christen Clifford has launched Pussy Bows. An empowering piece  of fabric that looks like a normal ribbon to me that you can buy for $50.

“I want to fight the patriarchy with art.”

Truly it is an exciting time to be alive.


By the way, in mostly unrelated news, I have to give props to Shaun King for giving the world so many laughs. I am literally chomping at the bit to use “racial-psychosexual high” in a sentence.

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