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Oh My Darlin’ – Disproportionate Retaliation or Overdue Comeuppance?

Professional victim of misogyny and cunt saying enthusiast, Clementine Ford, succeeds in having a man fired from his job for saying “slut” on facebook. Exhibit A, your Lordship:


You busted dog, you so busted. I remember a similar story a while back when Kat Blaque had a facebook harasser fired for threatening rape, which isn’t something I lost any sleep over but don’t want to think about for too long, either. What we are seeing here is a slippery slope in online retaliation. I dunno, Clementine, call me misogynist if you must but I feel like if hundreds and hundreds of men are sending you abusive comments, maybe, just maybe, it’s something you’re doing?

That’s actually pretty spectacular. Bravo.


Wow you weren’t kidding, you really like that word.


Doesn’t look like tears.

And so on and so forth, ad nauseum. No it’s not so awful and I really don’t care if she wants to say that stuff it’s just, the hypocrisy of it all that makes it so hard for me to swallow, hypocrisy propped up by a convenient double standard. She even called veteran columnist and fellow vagina-haver Miranda Devinea fucking cunt” on Twitter.

It’s not that I really feel sorry for the guys she’s shaming, it’s just that I really don’t like where this heading. One astute redditor noted “Free speech is becoming more and more a privilege of the self employed.” Yesterday threats, today slurs and what tomorrow, off colour jokes? Dissenting opinions? Mansplaining? Welcome to the PC Dystopia.

Wrecking someone’s life because you don’t like the things they say online is pretty scary. You don’t know what kind of ripple effects those actions are going to have. It’s one thing to be a puritanical…puritan. It’s another to be blatantly transparent in your button pushing. Clem clearly wants this. Intends for it to happen. Writing about this stuff is her bread and butter but there’s a serious intellectual dishonesty in pretending like you can’t tell the difference between actual abuse and getting trolled by 4chan.

It’s for these reasons that we here at I,Hypocrite are happy to announce Clementine Ford’s official nomination for Hypocrite of the Year 2015. She could be a real contender too, and with the year winding down I guess we’ll find out soon…what a time to be alive.



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