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Local internet resident, hardworking professional victim and part time monger of hate, Kat Blaque makes headlines again for becoming the years first I,Hypocrite: Hypocrite of the Year nominee. Kat is a true force of nature. As a black trans woman, Kat is one of the most heavily oppressed people known to western civilization. It is perhaps this unique insight which has allowed her to educate millions on topics from white supremacy, cultural appropriation and just being woke in general. Yes, woke. That’s a thing they say now. Here’s some more:

Whitesplaining racism to me will not work, sorry. The oppressors do not get to frame or define what oppression is.”


We should not be trying to protect the egos of people who are part of a normative society that has never once told them that they aren’t valid.

Because you can’t feel invalidated by society unless you fit within one of the accepted categories of oppression.




Right. That reminds me, because I was going to bring this up before when you said that thing about ‘not trying to protect the egos of people who are part of a normative society‘…why is that exactly? Why does simply being normative become an excuse to mock someone?  Let’s just be real, the nomativitude offends you deeply, doesn’t it? You have so much contempt for white people that if you tried to have these discussions while worrying about their feelings your head would probably explode.  Kapow.

No, we all hate these guys too actually, I mean they are seriously the worst. This guy is not our ambassador (and neither am I).

I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like inside your head. Seriously, what kind of things do you find hard to appreciate? Like do you ever find yourself wondering where the tacky, over priced, low quality shit you peddle through society6 comes from? I did. So I looked it up. I dug deep. I don’t know the answer. No one does. Everything seems set up to suggest that it is all made in the USA but if that were the case you would imagine it would be plastered everywhere, wouldn’t you? And if they are located in the US then why are so many us patrons complaining about hidden customs fees and shady shipping practices?
So many of the sites that give good reviews of society6 also happen to have their own society6 shops, which probably isn’t a conflict of interest or having anything to do with society6’s parent company being a known content farm. I finally gave up and decided to just straight up ask the motherfuckers.


They never got back. Look, I have zero proof, but this investigative journa shit is really hard and not my cup of tea, so I’m just going to forgo the rest of the process and just say what we’re all thinking. Sweatshops. Dirty, grimy sweatshops that oppress women and children in ways that even a dictionary would agree with. J’accuse! Yes, how does it feel to be exposed?


During my Vice media like infiltration of Kat’s page I decided to share a post that I thought expressed my own feelings in a much more elegant way than I ever could, and conveniently written by a black man. I’m including this here,  not only because that article is worth a read, but because I wanted to give you the context so I could share this little exchange I had with one of Kat’s followers, because you can’t make this shit up:
Notice my ability to diffuse the situation by prostrating myself even in the face of untold stupidity? If you chose to engage with woken types you should tread very carefully. They become extremely agitated if it’s been too long since they last bullied a white person.


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