I remember growing up as a child of the 80’s and 90’s feeling generally pretty optimistic about the future. We were imbued with a sense that we were the generation that was finally going to end racism and similar bigotry while saving the whales and the rest of the planet too. We were also going to be somewhat hip about it. We opened our hearts and liberated our minds while simultaneously mocking the PC crowd and behaving inappropriately.


Cue the Micheal Jackson music.

Then things went kind of sideways. 9/11 happened and us liberal leaning millennials saw what seemed like a fascist takeover of Orwellian proportions in the form of things like The Patriot Act and realizing that the NSA is actually a thing. Wars raged on in spite of all our generational enlightenment.

The election of Obama was like a correcting of our global course. Finally we had ended racism even tho people’s race was the only thing anybody seemed to want to talk about. The bush years had been such a setback, it was like the progressive crowd went into hyper drive to start making up for lost time. The younger millennials, the ones in college campuses across the globe weren’t just progressive with their views on acceptance of minorities, they were downright radical.


You go, girl

There was some intense protesting of things like the G8 and G20, ultimately culminating in the #OccupyWallStreet movement. This was a really exciting time for me and I’m sure many others. Finally a global movement that was going to address all of the injustice and corruption once and for all. These people wanted answers and they weren’t going away godammit.


Until Ketchup the female bodied person showed up and everyone was like…wut?  For me this was like 9/11 all over again. Not that it marked a tragic loss of life, but simply that it was another great turning point for the worse. The movement had somehow been co-opted by neo-progressive retards with ideas of how to restructure society that had absolutely nothing to do with wealth redistribution.

People continued to find their pet causes to talk about on facebook and twitter. Feminism and gay rights were both still very popular and on the rise and gay marriage became the cause du jour for a while. Gays made huge strides in equal rights to marriage thanks to this and us millennials once again felt emboldened to be back on track with our mission to eliminate bigotry and injustice. Things went into hyper-drive again.


Did they ever. Suddenly it was like everything was taboo. More and more words were deemed as offensive, or even worse, triggering.  People who said the wrong thing online were publicly shamed by mobs of righteously indignant moral authoritarians. It was the rise of the Social Justice Brigade and they had their own language.

Cishets. White Male Privilege. Manspreading. Microaggression. Ableism. Transcending the Binary. Safe Spaces. And so on and so forth.

Social Justice has become a way of life for many. The ways it manifests have become increasingly extreme in it’s methods. It’s no longer enough to tell white people that if they wear a sombrero on halloween that they are racist assholes. Harsher and harsher consequences are being sought for these moral transgressions/microagressions.

Currently a man is awaiting judgement in Canada court for twitter harassment, because he got into an argument with some feminists that had set out to publicly shame and harass someone else. We have entered the age of the cry-bullies. Social Justice Warriors that can occupy the space of victim and aggressor at the same time with no sense of irony. Yale students that complain about being marginalized.

These people no longer think calling someone a faggot is offensive, they think it’s hate speech. The above image is an incident involving a comic at a comedy club. So ya, let’s have all our comics be scared of going to jail for saying something offensive. That sounds like a really fun world to live in.


Congratulations Cry-Bully Brigade, you chased a high school kid off facebook and you’re actually proud of yourselves.

A recent poll shows that 40% of millennials are in favor of censoring speech which is seen as offensive to minorities:

The best part of all of this is that these people consider themselves to be liberals. There is like a type of cognitive bias that allows them to reconcile fascist methods with a liberal and progressive ideology based on an assumption of moral superiority.

In a later post I will explain how the Social Justice mentality shares many striking similarities with the Conspiracy Theorists mentalities that ran rampant after 9/11. I was a conspiracy theorist myself for a while so I have special insight here.



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