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Alberta Teachers Instructed To Replace “Boys & Girls” with “Comrades”

The Alberta’s Teacher’s Association has released a new, 150 page toolkit to meant to help teachers create classrooms and curriculum that are more LGBTQ inclusive.

Some of the suggestions include replacing gendered terms such as “Boys and Girls” with more inclusive terminology, like “comrades”, as well as staging drag shows. No this is not a joke, no this is not satire. This is 2016.

The Gender Unicorn

As reported by the CBC:

One activity, titled “Drag 101” for cosmetology and drama students, suggests inviting local drag queens to teach makeup techniques and organizing a drag performance for the school.

The toolkit advises teachers to use gender-neutral language. For instance, rather than relying on the traditional terms “boys” and “girls,” the guide suggests using alternative terms like friends, folks or “comrades.”

Terms such as “caretaker,” “guardian” and “responsible adults” can replace “mom” and “dad.”

Asked whether use of the toolkit is optional, Berg responded that “it is a requirement from the School Act that schools and teachers work to create welcoming, caring, safe, inclusive learning environments for all students.”

The document contains a warning that suggests optional usage may be subject to interpretation. “Canadian courts have found that schools that fail to address homophobia and heterosexism can be in serious breach of their professional responsibilities and considered to be engaging in educational malpractice,” the section reads.

Pictured below, the head of the toolkit committee:

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