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This Week In Social Justice | 26 June 2016

Horse Fuckers In The Media

You know Gawker Media is in trouble when they start going #FullSalon, a state of affair swhich seems undeniable when they start putting out articles with titles like Horse Genitals Taste of Hay and More Curious Delights from a Horsefucker.

I had to overcome …the thought that it’s disgusting to go down on a horse

Why tho? Why not stop right there and just say “oh, this is disgusting, I’m not going to do it.” The horse fucker, of course, lives in Canada, where our Supreme Court recently ruled that all forms of non-penetrative bestiality are in fact, perfectly legal.

But wait, lp, what does any of this have to do with social justice warriors? I’m glad you asked that, faithful readers, and I’m going to tell you. The very fact that this article exists and is non judgemental, is a testament, it is the exemplification of, it is a virtual homage to the millennial phenomenon of virtue signaling tolerance, which is to say tolerance for amoral degeneracy. A quick scroll through the author’s twitter feed should quickly put to rest any benefit of the doubt you might be willing to extend to Kelly Conaboy.

Killy Conaboy tweeting about older white guys

Kelly also fails to mention that the horse rapist has been married for over 19 years, to a human woman. A fact easily found in the original published interview.

The reality is that the appropriate response to someone telling you they like to fellate and or penetrate non human species, equine or otherwise, is with disgust, aversion, intolerance and judgment. Lots and lots of judgement. When the topic of conversation is this degenerate, the mere  lack of condemnation is a moral failing of epic proportions.

You faggots better be learnign tha tblack lives matter.

BLM crash LGBT mural unveiling

Remember that time a Black Lives Matter activist got on stage at a vigil for the victims of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting and started going off on white people? Pepperidge Farm remembers. It seemed like a random one off, right? Well, think again.

Black lives matter activists crashed the unveiling of an LGBT mural in Toronto.

Black lives matter activists crash Toronoto Police Pride event BLM vs white people

That award moment when you accuse an entire race of being racist.  Black Lives Matter are a bunch of angry, racist, impotent little children with nothing of value to add to any conversation. They stand as a testament to the cold truth that the very concept of “intersectionality” is merely just another way of saying “fuck white people”.

Pride is not for white people. Because pride is not for white people, gay or no.

great briitain leaves european union metaphor


The votes have been counted and Britain is leaving the EU, and regressives have been vocally lamenting the rise of “white nationalism” and the dominance of old chis white men.

Everything about this is perfect.

Pretty much the whole fiasco is explained in this 50 second video:


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