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This Week In Strength Through Diversity 08/05/16

Can You Not?

Meet the PAC dedicated to dissuading straight white men from running for office. Apparently trying to encourage women to run for office isn’t good enough, and we need millions in funding to convince white men not to run, I mean unless they’re like, gay or pansexual or whatever. Oh fuck me there are days, my lovely readers, days when I feel like I just can’t stare into this abyss any longer.

Lots of organizations we love and respect are focused on lifting up the voices of women and people of color and LGBT folks so that they will run for these positions, but we also think it’s an important task to tear down the egregiously overconfident white men who are running

The brilliant plan here, is to pick districts where the republicans don’t have a snowball’s chance of getting elected, finding a democrat with the right skin color or sexuality or gender to run, and then spending a bunch of money to convince any white male democrats that they should step aside.

Two bit commie rag, Jezebel, takes it even further than Slate, going full McIntosh on the subject:

The most enjoyable thing about Can You Not is that it’s making some people legitimately cranky and defensive, like Alex Griswold at the weirdly-conservative-these-days Mediaite, who reports that the group will “pressure white males” not to run. Perhaps if your will to power is so fragile, you should be considering another line of work anyway?

I mean, on the one hand they aren’t wrong; if you want to run for office, and you let someone talk you out of it because of your skin color, you were probably too much of a giant pussy to be cut out for it in the first place, and yet, on the other hand, isn’t this the kind of thing that we always hear feminist detractors saying about efforts to encourage women into STEM or politics.

While I agree that people shouldn’t let others intimidate them out of careers they are interested in, I still think it’s just a touch fucked up to have a well funded organization who’s goal is literally to intimidate you out of a career you are interested in.

BBC Diversity No barriers, just talent

Creative Access

Well, maaaaybe one barrier, if you happen to have white skin. BBC this week posted a bunch of new jobs which are available to blacks, Asians and non-white ethnic minorities, which sort of begs the question, does the Orwellian named Creative Access think blacks and Asians are white?

Screen-Shot-2016-05-07-at-11.30Wait a tick, that doesn’t sound very cricket, is that even jolly well legal?  While discriminating against a race in job postings is not typically allowed in any civilized society, progressive, tax funded organizations have found a sweet loophole in the form of paid internships.


Diversity On Campus

Oregon State University announced this week that students attending the campus would be required to take a Social Justice Course. I find it strikingly bizarre that we continue to see schools going down this path, all on the heels of the revelation that enrollment at Mizzou has plummeted in the wake of it’s sjw clusterfuckery.

While western campuses continue to focus on important issues, like discouraging people from appropriating Mexian culture by drinking tequila on Cinco De Mayo, the continent of Asia gives zero fucks, which may help to explain why so many Asian schools are swiftly rising in global rankings, according to one expert:

…polices are causing universities to take their eye off the ball of recruiting the best to comply with Government demands to increase the proportions entering and graduating from state schools, ethnic minorities and postcodes from which, in the past, few students have come.

A well written article on The Wall Street Journal this week casts a flashlight on these diversity policies and examines their efficacy based on the actual outcomes, and the results are not promising. Just as training in sexual harassment has been shown to actually worsen the problem, so too are diversity quotas being shown to have negative impacts on how groups are perceived. Not that that would stop California students this week from threatening a hunger strike if the feds don’t fork over 8 million for “diversity funding”.

At least four of Bandeeba’s peers are refusing to eat until their school allots $8 million in funds to the college of ethnic studies. Since the students announced their hunger strike, SFSU administrators have agreed to hand over $200,000 to SFSU’s diversity office.


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