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This Week In Social Justice 10/04/16

Norwegian Leftist Sympathizes With His Ass Rapist

Karsten Nordal Hauken, a member of the Norwegian Socialist Left Party has reportedly had a hard time reconciling his feelings in regards to a Somalian migrant and asylum seeker who violently raped him and was later deported.

The interview was given to Norwegian outlet NKR ahead of a release of a documentary which focuses on mental health issues, confirming once and for all what we already know about regressive liberalism, that it is a personality disorder. Hauken’s anti-racist views reach to the point where he lied to police, stating that he had been in a consensual relationship with his attacker, another confirmation, that regressive liberals don’t understand what racism is.

I see him mostly like a product of an unfair world, a product of an upbringing marked by war and despair.

He sees you mostly as a hole to stick his dick in, a product of liberal naiveté.

crazy ass beard

Unprofessional Hair

Ok, so this is in fact the very story that I talked about in my random tangent during my CULTURAL APPROPRIZZLE video, a story that was just making the facebook rounds at that time but is now gone full blown mainstream media.

Cree Ballah is filing a human rights complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal after managers at the Zara where she works told her to change her hair when she showed up in Box Braids.

Meanwhile, google is under fire for racism due to the image search results for ‘unprofessional hair’.

unprofessional hair google results

Now, to the credit of the authors of these articles (and yes the Telegraph article is not the only one, as is the case with modern internet media once a story trends every outlet and their uncle has to do a piece on it) most of them are addressing the fact that people often write stories just like the Zara story above, and that is why the google algorithm will disproportionately associate minorities with unprofessional hair.

“The argument that the images are being used in positive articles is most definitely beside the point seeing as it only further bears light on the fact that these arguments are real life experiences for black women,” Kamona told ATTN: in an email. “Why would we have to write articles disproving that our hair is unprofessional, if society wasn’t shoving that idea down our throat?”

But to the credit of none of them, who don’t have this shit on lock like yours truly, they are missing the other side of the coin. As I stated in my video, the reason you won’t see a lot of white people showing up in that search result is because white people don’t have the luxury of claiming discrimination every time things don’t go our way.

Do you think a dude with a mullet is getting  a job at Zara any time soon? Do you? Well guess what, bitches, the mullet is the official natural hair style of white motherfuckers worldwide. But you won’t see that showing up, or mohawks or punky spikes or whatever else, because when a white dude gets sent home and told to change his hair he just has to do it because the media doesn’t give a shit and there is definitely no cash payout waiting for his ass from no human rights tribunal. Sheeeit.

zari the feminist muppet

Sesame Street Unveils Hijab-Clad Puppet

Meet Zari, Sesame Street’s new feminist Afghani Muppet. When I first heard about this, I rolled my eyes. But looking into it a bit more and realizing that this is actually a character meant simply for the Afghan version of Sesame Street I felt the rustling of my jimmies calmly subside. If there’s any place on Earth that needs a little feminist indoctrination, it’s gotta be that shithole, am I right?

racist gap ad

Racist Gap Ad

A brave, tireless and diligent white ally spotted a racist infraction in a Gap kids advertisement.


What’s funny is that it turns out the two girls are actually adopted sisters, and as if that’s not enough,  the Gap also ran this ad a year previously:


But no, apparently those two things aren’t enough, because Gap apologized to the offendotrons which you should never, ever do because all that does is give them the false impression that they are in fact not retarded assholes.  Shame on you Gap. Shame for apologizing to these people and enabling their delusions.


Crazy Cat Lady Decides to Raise Gender Neutral Cats, is Validated by Coverage in Multiple Outlets and Treated as Gifting Us Some Sort of Profound Revelation

While all of this was unfolding, friends would ask me: How is your cat? “They’re better” or “The same. The vets don’t know what’s wrong with them,” I’d say. “Wait a minute—are they both sick?” people would reply, confused.

It is confusing. We’ve had gender drilled into us as part of language since we first heard adults talking when we were infants – decades of “he” and “she.”

Grammar you silly sod. We’ve had grammar drilled into us and they’re is fucking plural. It’s confusing because in typical SJW feminist fashion, you’ve decided to abandon the dictionary as if you know better.

I know this is suppose to somehow make me feel sorry for the assholes out there that want to identify as ‘gender non conforming’ but all it really does is illustrate how trying to be friends with someone that wants you to learn a new set of grammar rules just to have a conversation with them, probably isn’t worth the fucking effort, especially when their apartments smell like cat piss.



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