That’s a Rapp


It seems like the final chapter has been written in the saga of GamerGate v Alison Rapp. If you haven’t been paying attention, Alison Rapp is a former employee of Nintendo and child porn enthusiast, who came under fire over recent months both for her pro paedophilia views as well as a probably ill conceived notion that she was in some way responsible for shoddy, censorious localization practices that have gained increasingly focused attention by the gaming community recently.


Personally I can’t help feeling that her exposure might have increased  when she called out gamers in general with some of her tweets.

If you wanna have inteliggent convos about games, you ened to educate yourself on life & interesctional social issues totally outside of games

While I and presumably most people agree on principle that gaming isn’t the most important thing in life, it seems like a weird hill for someone who’s job is doing PR for a gaming company to plant their flag on.

Things all seemed to culminate about a week ago when Rapp announced over Twitter that she had been let go by Nintendo. She publicly blamed GamerGate as being responsible for her termination and many large media outlets backed her up in this claim.


Rapp went on to paint a picture that clearly blamed GamerGate for her termination.





Of course certain mainstream media outlets couldn’t jump on this fast enough and show what great and ready allies they are of poor oppressed womyn.




So, as is the American custom, Alison was granted slathers of victim bux and everyone lived happily ever after except for the GamerGate trolls that failed once again to ruin a woman’s life for having the audacity to be female.

Or at least that’s how it would have ended if it wasn’t for those damned kids over at Nintendo that released a statement saying Rapp was terminated for moonlighting. This caused a whole new storm of rumors with some speculating along the lines of Alison moonlighting as some kind of lingerie model or perhaps even a cam model.


Well, the truth turns out to be even seedier than that, bordering on the seediest conceivable job a very public PR rep for a family friendly company could have, it appears that Rapp was working as a professional escort named Maria Mint or, in layman’s terms, a high class hooker.


Almost as soon as the info went out the website was taken down, a damning indictment if ever I’ve seen one. As if that’s not bad enough, someone analyzed the meta data (exif) of the images and they come from the same camera. Escort confirmed.


One aspect to keep in mind is that Mrs. Rapp is married. Luckily twitter users took to the platform to send words of support to the massive, massive cuck of a man.


And that is that. So what are the takeaways here, let’s go over them:

1) Female SJWs have learned that blaming their trouble on GamerGate is a great way to garner massive mainstream sympathy, regardless of the fact that these people are shown to be liars every single time. This is indicative of the victim hood culture we live in which is perpetuated by a white knight media that loves to look like the good guys.

2) Not only did GamerGate not cause Rapp to get fired, but all the facts point to the fact that this was handled completely internally by Nintendo. What do I mean by that exactly? I mean that if I had to guess exactly how Nintendo discovered Rapp’s extra curricular activities, it would be something like internal monitoring, like she was possibly engaging in her escort activities on company time and that it’s entirely possible someone at the company was keeping an eye on her network activity due to things like her unbridled enthusiasm for child pornography. This is pure speculation of course, but the reason I feel this way is due simply to the fact that it took a full 10 days from the firing for the truth to surface online. That means Nintendo was 10 days ahead of the internet. Rapp says she was reported by an anon (a term for 4chan users) but if anyone on the 4chan side of things had this info they surely would have shared it with their peers for the lulz, surely.

3) Again, this is pure speculation, but Rapp has all the trademark characteristics of someone that was abused or suffered some kind of trauma as a child. From her penchant for the sexualization of youths and empathy with pedophiles to her highly sexualized and almost militantly sex-positive stances, Rapp strikes me as the textbook damaged girl who may someday go on to make headlines of a much more tragic variety. Just speculating. The same sort of speculation that has led many to ponder if her husband isn’t being abused in some way.

4) I would totally smash Rapp’s ass, but not for $250 (plus the cost of upscale hotel room which was part of her requirements), but that’s definitely a double wrap your jimmie situation. Sorry if that seems super crude given what I’ve just written, but I’m only human at the end of the day…


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