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Ned’s Best Cringe, 29 March 2016

I know it’s been a minute since I posted any new cringe. In all honesty I meant to do a post on Friday but I forgot to email the list to myself. Anyway, I have plenty of backlog built up, and as promised Ned has also delivered some gifs of people incurring grievous bodily harm, so…enjoy!

Mom gets her son to take a photo, son is seen in mirror in underwear


Enjoy your trip to disneyland

If wrestling is fake why didn't my nephew get up for ten minutes after I piledrivered him into a table?
When Sarah dumps you.
Not You

How to stop gay marriage? Show them a pic of me and they turn straight lol - truth
Can't chain me


Gently used tampons for sale

Kill confirmed

Spary can microphone

300 gallons of water since highschool

Just jagaloo things

Any kinky ladies out there? 17+


YOu may have swag but you'll never have class

Isn't this anonymous?

I perfect my superior intelect


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