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This Week In Social Justice 20/12/15

Oberlin College goes Full Mcintosh


The students of Oberlin must have been jealous of all the attention Yale and Missouri College got last month, and decided to stage their own protests that would garner international media attention mockery and even have some questioning the legitimacy of the demands being circulated. Featured above is some of the demands, but not all that were included in the 14 page document, (I’m aware the linked document is 9 pages, I’m sure you can find the rest if you feel like there’s something in there that has been omitted that will justify the rest of it) which includes other demands such as “black only safe spaces“. Which struck me as interesting because a timely video also landed on my facebook feed from notorious SJW Kat Blaque asking the deeply philosophical and in no way inherently racist question, can black people be racist? Turns out no, because they don’t do things like demand segregation. I wonder what her stance on these safe spaces is but I’m guessing it’s probably time to move the racism goal post again.


These are demands and not suggestions. If these demands are not taken seriously, immediate action from the Africana [sic] community will follow.

But the gongshow doesn’t stop there. Without even taking time to pause for breath, or wait for an official response from the administration to this list of demands, the Oberlin protesters have now taken on the racist menu of the school cafeteria. From a certain perspective, I understand where they are coming from. Shitty food is shitty food. The problem is that you can’t actually believe that if some catering company is serving a shitty, poorly cooked, non fresh ingredient using version of your cultural dish, that it’s not because the company is simply cheap and motivated by profit and bad at what it does, no no, that would be too simple. The catering company is racist. Like motherfuckers are sitting around being like “Step 1: Shitty, overpriced sushi. Step 2: Concentration camps.”

Oh and protesting stuff non stop is hard work, which is probably why they are demanding that the protesters be paid for their time. To be fair, if I paid 50k tuition I would have pretty high expectations as well.

Game Dev gets death threats for “Tranny Gladiator”

Because death threats are unacceptable harassment, except when they’re justified. I don’t have much to say about this because learning that SJW’s have no conviction and just love to bully people, shocks me none at all.


Opening rape clinic to men is “insensitive and a backwards step”

A rape clinic in Sweden will begin to accept male victims. In a traditional display of what feminists constitute to be equality, feminist organization Roks had the following to say:

Making male rape more visible is one thing: Perhaps it is more interesting to talk about male rape for a change. But it is also a way of silencing women.



Yale students sign ‘petition’ to repeal the first amendment


Star Wars

So Star Wars VII happened this week, and in a refusal to let anyone talk about anything that isn’t feminism, feminists and SJWs came out of the woodwork to talk about Star Wars. From telling us with a straight face that Darth Vader is racist symbology to explaining how harrowing it is to be a female star wars fan, and finally to trumpeting how awesomely feminist Star Wars VII is, except for the part where Harrison Ford got paid more than Daisy Ridley, Star Wars is the talk of the town. There will be some minor spoilers forthcoming, so consider yourself warned.

First point: Darth Vader is racist. I’m not even going to address it, actually the linked article already points out the stupidity of Melissa Harris Perry stance on Star Wars. If you’re going to accuse Darth Vader of racist symbology, at least be funny about it.


Second Point: Being a female Star Wars fan is hard. Bitch please. When I was a kid being into geekdom was social suicide. Girls wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole if you were enthusiastic about Star Wars. You expect me to believe that those same geeks are rejecting women now for being posers? I don’t believe it and I don’t think you have any idea how good you have it. In my day we suffered for our geekiness. But times have changed, and we live now in a world where Star Wars is set to be the top grossing film of all time. What this means is that geek is no longer even a relevant term because the term loses all of it’s meaning, which was derogatory, in a world were being a geek is completely mainstream. Having said that, this change did not occur over night. It was a gradual social progression as all the jock assholes and cool kids had to accept that geek shit was actually awesome. In the interim of this progression you had the ever increasing phenomenon of the fake geek girl. Fake geeks were never a serious problem by any stretch. People have always wanted to conform throughout history in order to be accepted. So this is a natural part of geeks going mainstream. But let’s make one thing absolutely clear, fake geeks are real. I’ve met them. As stated, it’s irrelevant at this stage in the game, because being a geek is no longer counter culture in any way, shape or form, so being a geek is nothing to be proud of anyway, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is why the real OG geeks are left feeling just a tad bitter and why the new breed of geek needs to take any notion of oppression and stick it up their privileged asses.


Point 3: Rey is the feminist protagonist we’ve been waiting for. rey

I guess, in so much as we’ve been waiting for a  Mary Sue female power fantasy.

I don’t like James Bond. I have never liked James Bond, and I’ve never understood the appeal. James Bond is perfect. He has no flaws. He’s boring as fuck. Rey is a Star Wars version of James Bond. She is beautiful. She is strong. She is a better pilot than Han Solo. A better mechanic than Chewbacca. A better light-saber-stabber-wither than Kylo Ren. She goes from 0 to 60 in .6 seconds when learning to use the force. Rey is fucking boring. On the plus side, The Force Awakens in every way felt like A New Hope rebooted. Which means the next one will probably be Empire Strikes Back rebooted. Which means Rey will get her ass kicked. So there’s that to look forward to. You heard it here first. Why do people still complain about lack of female protagonists in current year? Honestly it’s like some of you people have never seen Aliens.

Point 4: Much ado about pay gaps. The only thing I want to point out here is that MailOnline makes a very specific point, in their headline of comparing Harrison Ford’s salary to Daisy Ridley’s. It’s only getting into the fine print that you can discover John Boyega made the same as Daisy. Almost as if the difference in pay wasn’t blatant sexism. Fancy that.


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