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This Week In Feminism 29/11/15


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Rape allegations rock the porn world and wind up on imgur this morning as private messages belonging to Gabby Dunn were posted in which Gabby alleges to somehow know conclusively that accused porn star James Deen did not rape his ex girlfriend Stoya. Gabby says in the private messages she doesn’t want to come forward with this information because she “doesn’t want to contribute to a culture where women accuse women of lying about sexual assault.”

Many, including your truly, have taken this to mean that ideological feminism is more important than truth. What was even more interesting to me is that the imgur post originally ended with simply “This is your brain on feminism”. Somehow this statement seemed to cause more of an uproar than the content of the messages themselves, so much to the point where the OP had to eventually return and edit the post with a paragraph explaining, essentially: #notAllFeminism.

One thing is clear, if it wasn’t for the brave actions of , this information would likely still be unknown, and damage from rape accusations can happen fast. Dean has already been shit canned from a newspaper add delivery service that he wrote columns for. And for that, we here at I,Hypocrite tip our hat to you, thatguy507, it couldn’t have been easy to kill the 506 guys that came before you either.


More #GamerGate news this week when, in a response to a seemingly innocuous and benign fan query on the facebook page for Dead or Alive X3, a spokesperson for the game announced that DOAX3 would not be coming to western markets do to concerns from Koei Tecmo over backlash based on the west’s current attitudes towards women in video games.

This set off an absolute shitstorm of righteous indignation from both gamers and SJWs and one company, third-party reseller play-asia was able to tap into the zeitgest and rack up an army of new twitter followers by firing some straight up shots at the sjw community.

Hashtag oh snap! And that is just a taste of the punishment they were handing out all day, which begs the question, could all of this be some dastardly scheme on the part of Koei Tecmo to drum up publicity? We may never know for certain, but what we do know is that GamerGaters will not be silenced and will not go away, which means we may likely start to see more vendors pander to their vicious and unbridled  misogyny.

Justin Trudeau

In Canadian news, the government announced amendments to their refugee plan to allow for single men to enter the country, provided they prefer the company of other single men. This new amendment to the policy meant that all refugees were now welcomed by the Canadian government with the exception of single, straight males. When asked about the possibility of terrorists gaining entry by pretending to be gay Trudeau responded “Fuck, we didn’t exactly think this through.” The feminist outcry over this discrimination based on gender and orientation was…less than palpable.


When reached for comment by this reporter, the World Feminist Organization responded thusly:

While it’s certainly true that feminism is for everyone and we recognize the discrimination happening in Canada, we have only so many resources to commit at any one time, and are currently occupied with deciding whether or not James Bond is sexist, whether or not beards are sexist and bitching about some asshole who actually had the audacity to trigger warning us on a Leonardo DiCaprio movie. Leo! Can you believe that shit?



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