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Word Fighter High Scores Demystified

People often ask me, “lp, how is it that you’re so good at Word Fighter? What am I doing wrong and how can I improve my Word Fighter score?”

Actually nobody has ever asked me anything even remotely resembling the above statement, but I’m pretty sure you’re all thinking it constantly, so let me put that anxiety to rest and give you some real pro tips on the game that’s sweeping the internet at a rate of about one person per day.


First of all, Word Fighter is a hard game. That’s not an accident. The game isn’t meant to be easy and you’re not meant to clear Round 5 in your first ten tries. There’s a lot of funny words in the word list. This is because it’s taken from Scrabble. If you’ve ever played against a Scrabble pro you know the joys of losing to stupid words like ‘ae’ messing up all your plans. Seriously the fuck does ae mean? If it’s such a real word why is my spellchecker flagging it? Huh? Explain that NSA! (Yes I’m referring to that shady cloak and dagger operation, the National Scrabble Association)

This is why the fist thing I recommend is to play several practice games where you are not focusing at all on your score but rather trying to learn and remember as many of the smaller words as you can. I try to form ‘word groups’ in my mind that store under certain letter combinations, like when I see ‘a-e-r-s’ no matter what order they are in I am¬†instinctively thinking “a, ae, ar, ars, er, re, ers, res, are, era, ear, ares, eras, ears…” That’s a pretty big combo I just built off of seeing 4 letters, and guess what, these letters show up a lot. Also notice the order I placed them in. Larger words are worth more points so it makes sense to use them later as much as possible, once you’ve built up your multiplier using the smaller words.


Let’s talk about combos for a second. This is one of the hardest and also funnest aspects of Word Fighter in my opinion, and one of the main things that separates it from other online word games. The trick to getting these combos is like I was saying in the above paragraph, to think of words in groups and learn to associate them together. Many people will stare at the letters they are given, try to think of a word, type it in, and then repeat the process, but the way the timer works in Word Fighter does not force you to play this way. Rather, especially when you first enter a round, you should look at the word and try to come up with as many words as you can in your head, then once you got a nice little list start to rattle them off and form a big combo. Good times.

Combos are fun but if your not good at typing you shouldn’t try to over do it and make mistakes. Getting a high score without combos is actually not that hard. I’m sure if someone was a whiz at knowing the words they could score over 20,000 without doing a single combo. The trick is just not to make any mistakes.


Here’s a couple things you might not know about the Word Fighter multiplier bonus:

1) It carries across rounds.

2) There is no cap, as long as you keep getting correct answers it will keep going up until the game ends. The higher you go the more right answers you will need to hit the next level. It’s one of them exponential type things. I think the highest I’ve gotten is x13.

Whenever you make a mistake, including putting a word you already used your multiplier will reset back to x1. Now that you know all this, you can see the importance of not making mistakes. We’ve all been there. You needed 16/32 words to pass the first Round. You got 25 without making a mistake. You want the rest. You try something you’re not sure about. You lose your multiplier. Sometimes it’s better to just click on the ‘skip ahead’ button and start the next round, fresh full of words you know, and the multiplier cocked and loaded for big azz scores.

Not making mistakes is really the main key. Now I’ll just quickly break down a few more in game bonuses that you may or may not know about.


1) Flawless Victory – When you complete a round you will get a Flawless Victory bonus if you didn’t make any mistakes. You don’t have to get all the words, just finish the round without any mistakes. For doing this you will be awarded a bonus of 10 points for every word you got that round.

2) Fatality – This bonus is a lot harder to get, because it means you got every word. If you manage to pull this off you will be awarded a very sweet bonus of 25 points for each word you got that round. (I haven’t been able to do this yet since I added the Scrabble words, but a little more practice and I will be there)

3) Perfect – This is pretty much impossible now with the Scrabble words, but if you somehow (cheating) manage to get every word in a single combo, you will be awarded 1000 bonus points.

4) Superb – This is an important one because it’s a lot easier to achieve than the other bonuses and when done right can be worth rediculous points. Too many points perhaps since the availability depends completely on which random word you are given. A superb bonus is achieved when you make a word that uses all the letters available. The bonus goes up each round, but on round one it starts at 75 points. What’s crazy and broken about superb bonuses is that they are added to the word score and THEN run through the multiplier!!! Let’s take a look at a five letter word we might see on Round One : “Three” Having played this word a few times, as soon as I see it I am thinking of “There” and “Ether” both ‘superb’ words. The thing is, I’m not gonna noob it and hammer in those words as soon as I start. No sir. I’mma be all like “eh, he, er, re…….all the way up to Bamb! my two superb words with max multiplier and when you do that all in one combo it’s like six thousand fucking points on round one bitch I mean that’s what the fuck I’m talking about. That’s how you Word Fight.